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Mural Design
& Creation

infusing purpose into a space

and each wall becomes a story

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About Us


Art infuses purpose into a space. 

Each wall becomes a story.

We transform walls into wellsprings of inspiration.


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How We Do It



Our first step is getting to know you and your intention. We assist you in narrowing down your idea or drawing your vision from scratch.



We present you with a few proposed options. We do as many revisions as needed until you decide on the final concept.



One stroke at a time, the concept design comes to life. Recognizing you are trusting us, we work diligently, meticulously, and efficiently. 



Making your vision a reality matters to us. We celebrate the creation of a design that will transform your space for many years to come.  

  • All the artwork is created by hand, using brushes, rollers, and sponges. 

  • For walls that aren't primed or treated, our sister organization, Cobblestone Design Build, can assist you with any construction-related needs.

  • We use high-quality outdoor/indoor water-based acrylic paint with an eggshell finish. 

  • We offer a free 15mins consultation. A fee is needed for preliminary sketched concept. No commitment to the mural project is required for concept requests.

  • We are enthusiastic to collaborate on your mural's design. Your participation in the creative process can be tailored to your preference.

  • We excel in diverse mural styles, assuring alignment with approved digital designs.

  • We offer services that engage your chosen group of people in the painting process. No skills are required! Visit our varied services.


Paint Cans

Our Team

Experience the magic of a visionary family trio. Mel, founder and lead artist, with fine arts background and 20yrs experience painting murals.

Her sister, Mo, a talented designer, brings detail and visual storytelling. Her husband, Andrew, with 20yrs in the construction industry, ensures each installation is safe and durable. Together, they create captivating murals that leave a lasting impact.

Interactive Art at Events

Seeking a creative method to gather valuable insight during a conference?

Let us craft a customized participatory method to fit your event's needs.

Community Art Murals

Want to involve your office team, neighbors, or clients in beautifying neighborhoods? Participatory murals foster connections, civic engagement, and lasting legacies.


Does your community have an important story to tell? Participatory paintings bring narratives to life, fostering unity, connection, and raising social awareness.

Art Workshops

Seeking to foster unity in your workplace, family, or neighborhood? Creativity embraces the whole person, forging authentic connections. Let us infuse art into your next team event, block party, or retreat.

Explore Community Engagement

What People Say


Michelle B.

The community love, mindful hosting and deep engagement that I witnessed in how Melanie approaches social art projects was inspiring and illustrated connection through creativity.

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Noreen W.

Our experience was amazing for the level of skill, engagement and passion for the project. Bringing dreams to life takes dedication and we felt ourselves in highly qualified hands to achieve our goals with 5280WallArt.


Julie R.

She was able to transform physical art into digital representations, enhancing the work so it work together as a whole while still preserving the individual contributions of each community artist. 

SELAM small.png

Gloria P.

As an academic let me make clear that the value of the community experience in the process of collective art production cannot be measured. I see the huge benefits of this process of art co-creation for people in academia and beyond.

AIJR email size.png

Michelle P.

Working with Melanie is an absolute dream. Melanie is kind and sparkly, and has a quality about her that can only be described as magical. She is a dreamer, but also a doer, and that rare combo means that what she creates is infused with so much love and skill. 

Social Business 

A social business is an enterprise that prioritizes addressing social or environmental issues while also sustaining financial viability. 

  • Profits from Art Walls are reinvested to advance Social Arts'mission of fostering positive impact within communities and the environment. We aim to harmonize societal benefits with economic sustainability.


Details to consider when submitting a request:

  1. About the space / Community.

  2. Intention, purpose, theme, or idea. 

  3. Size and Dimensions / Number of participants.  

  4. Budget. 

  5. Timeline.

  6. Any other details that you consider useful for us to know. 

Thanks for submitting!

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