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Arts-Based Research

Participatory arts-based research involves collaborators in the artistic exploration of topics, blending collective creativity with inquiry to co-create knowledge and amplify diverse voices, fostering inclusive understanding.

WHY is Participatory Arts-based research important?

  • Ensures inclusive representation of voices often marginalized in traditional research. 

  • Facilitates deeper emotional and cognitive engagement leading to richer insights.

  • Democratizes knowledge by empowering participants as co-creators of insight rather than passive subjects.

  • Art captures nuanced, emotional, and experiential aspects. 

  • Visual arts can be more accessible and relatable to a wider audience compared to dense academic papers.

  • Bridges cultural, linguistic, or experiential gaps among participants, fostering mutual understanding.

  • Artistic processes can be therapeutic, offering a space for human connection and self-discovery.

HOW to make it happen? 

Are you a researcher intrigued by participatory and arts-based processes but lacking the facilitation or artistic expertise? Let's collaborate! I'll provide a platform for participants to shape questions, messages, and narratives, while we cohesively and transparently shape your research vision.

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