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Murals at Events

The co-creation of murals at conferences and events focuses on capturing key insights from the event. By actively involving attendees in this process, we ensure that important takeaways and ideas are documented and retained for future reference and implementation.

WHY is it important to use participatory methods?

Participatory insight harvesting as a decolonial approach addresses power dynamics, representation, and challenges ways in which knowledge has historically been gathered, validated, and disseminated. 

  • Democratizing Knowledge Production: Traditional methods of knowledge gathering are often centered around a top-down approach, where 'experts' or those in power decided what knowledge is valid. Participatory insight harvesting decentralizes this process, allowing everyone, especially those who are missheard or misrepresented, to contribute and validate insights.

  • Valuing Local and Indigenous Knowledge: By actively involving everyone, especially local or indigenous participants, their knowledge, experiences, and perspectives become integral to the process. 

  • Challenging Power Dynamics: Participatory methods challenge the power hierarchies inherent in traditional research or knowledge gathering methods. Everyone becomes a 'knowledge producer', not just the select few.

  • Building Mutual Respect and Collaboration: Instead of viewing participants as mere subjects, they are seen as partners in the knowledge creation process, fostering mutual respect and collaboration.

  • Ensuring Contextual Relevance: Participatory methods ensure that the harvested insights are contextually relevant, as they emerge from those who experience and understand the local context best.

  • Engagement Boost: Creative methods engage attendees more effectively than traditional feedback tools, leading to richer data.

  • Memory Retention: Memorable, creative processes help attendees recall and share experiences more vividly.

  • Building Community: Shared creative experiences foster connections among participants, enhancing community-building.

  • Immediate Visualization: Visual arts including collage, doodling, image mapping, and painting, provide instant visual summaries, aiding comprehension and discussion.

  • Holistic Understanding: Beyond verbal feedback, creative methods can capture emotional and nuanced reactions, providing a more holistic understanding of attendees' experiences.


HOW participatory insight harvesting could look like?

We're eager to craft a fitting creative process for your event. Assisted doodling turns discussions into lively illustrations, while interactive boards let participants share and link ideas. Digital polls generate instant word clouds from live responses, and story circles provide a narrative-sharing space. Photovoice uses photos to reflect event themes, and collage installations invite tactile engagement. Sketch note-taking promotes visual reflections, and idea murals showcase evolving insights. Mapping visually organizes themes, and fishbowl pass-on drawings combine into cohesive quilt murals. AI image generator facilitates complex expression through metaphors, and body storming offers a dynamic, physical exploration of concepts.

These diverse methods make insights richer and elevate the conference experience. The possibilities are endless. We will assist you to find the most suitable process. Let's embark on a journey and find the perfect process for you! 🌟

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