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Artivism blends art and activism, using creative expression to advocate for social change. It amplifies marginalized voices, challenges societal norms, and sparks dialogue on pressing issues, turning creativity into impactful action.

WHY is engaging the public creatively a good idea?


  • The act of getting messy and play with paint sets an example of how we can break through our fears with spontaneity, trust, commitment, and creativity. 

  • Art ia a universal language and it transcends linguistic and cultural barriers, allowing messages to resonate globally.

  • Art has the power to evoke emotions, making issues more relatable and humanizing abstract concepts.

  • Artivism raises awareness to overlooked or misunderstood issues, making them accessible to wider audiences.

  • Engaging with art is an option for less confrontational approaches, inviting more people into discussions.

  • It amplifies voices that are often miss-heard and miss-represented offering new perspectives from experience. 

  • Challenges the Status Quo disrupting conventional narratives and challenge societal norms.

  • Visual art pieces offer a lasting impression. 

  • Creating art collectively fosters solidarity and build community resilience.

By intertwining art and activism, artivism offers a potent tool for social change, combining the evocative power of art with the urgency of activism to influence hearts and minds.


HOW do we engage financially with artivism?

Artivism, by its very nature, champions social, political, economic, or environmental change through art, and its core should remain undiluted by profit motives. When we engage in artivism without any financial gain, we ensures it is a genuine intent, keeping the spotlight solely on its transformative cause. This approach fosters trust, ensuring supporters that funds are channeled directly into the cause rather than personal enrichment. This framework not only avoids potential conflicts of interest but also promotes more equitable distribution of resources. We are committed to volunteer our time, and any funds raised cover materials and travel expenses. Beyond that point, any other funds raised are redirected to the communities affected. We prioritize backing initiatives that often face challenges securing funding. 

By sidelining profit/wage motives, activism can focus on what truly matters: creating meaningful, lasting change.

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