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Virtual Murals

It's a process tailored for online community and organizational networks, focusing on the creative fusion of Arts and storytelling. The end products can be virtual murals, storytelling archives, or other digital creations.

WHY co-create virtual murals with groups online?

  • In a digital age where in-person interactions may be limited, arts can bridge emotional and geographic distances, fostering a sense of connection and unity.

  • The interactive nature of arts captivates participants, ensuring active involvement and preventing online fatigue.

  • Online arts projects promotes authentic expression by providing participants a platform to express feelings, ideas, or experiences, even in the constraints of social distance. 

  • The online medium offers unique tools and platforms, allowing for innovative art forms and creativity.

  • Participants can learn new artistic techniques, digital tools, and collaborative skills.

  • The documented shared experiences and stories from a virtual mural can be easily disseminated by its digital nature. 

  • Co-created virtual murals, even in digital spaces, can forge bonds, build trust, and create a sense of belonging among participants.

  • Online arts facilitation is accessible and inclusive to participants from diverse geographies, backgrounds, and abilities, and it democratizing the art-making process.

HOW is it done?

Facilitating collaborative virtual murals intertwines artistry with technology in an online space. The journey begins by collaboratively determining the mural's theme using guided activities on a selected online platform. Participants are then acquainted with a range of art mediums. With a section of the mural assigned to each, they craft their contributions using mediums like collage, watercolor, or pencils right from their homes. Upon completion, participants photograph their artwork and forward it to the lead artist, who meticulously assembles these individual pieces into a unified mural. If the process spans multiple days, regular check-ins ensure sustained engagement. The culmination involves a thorough review of the mural, followed by its unveiling, allowing participants to share their experiences and reflections. This method not only crafts a piece of art but also knits a virtual community bound by shared creation.

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