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Story-Painting Projects

A designated community, organization, or institution – or even a cross-sectoral collaboration – can amplify awareness about a social issue by collaboratively creating a large-scale painting. By leveraging various participatory methods, this approach not only unites diverse perspectives but also harnesses the collective strength of the community. Such an artistic endeavor not only fosters community cohesion but also serves as a powerful testament to shared values and commitment to addressing pressing societal challenges.

WHY are StoryPaintings powerful?

  • Builds and Strengthens ties between people, groups and sectors.

  • Honors and celebrates the efforts in justice and social harmony.

  • Witnesses and voices the stories that are often miss-heard or miss-represented.

  • Cultivates compassion, courage, hope and positivity

  • Encourages skill development when participants learn new skills.

  • Boosts Mental Well-being offering individuals a chance to express emotions and find solace.

  • Serves as a historical record capturing moments in time and commemorating significant events.

  • Promotes active participation inspiring people to take action.


HOW is it done?

Groups convene, bonding through dance, movement, improvisation, dialogue, and visual art. After discussing and sharing their concerns, they collaboratively craft a sizable painting that embodies individual tales and a shared message. Accompanied by films capturing their journey, these paintings transform into mobile murals, displayed in public areas to inspire and raise awareness among the wider community.

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