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On-Site Community Mural

An on-site community mural is a collaborative art project created at a specific location, where community members actively participate in the design and painting process, resulting in a mural that embodies their shared values, stories, and aspirations.

WHY should you consider engaging your community in creating your mural?

  • It can foster a sense of unity and belonging by engaging people to be active in the community.

  • It can empower local voices by stepping in and contributing input on message and ideas.

  • It can beautify shared spaces celebrating cultural diversity and promoting local history and identity.

  • It can strengthen community bonds.

  • It can document history by offering a tangible, lasting testament to collective endeavors and aspirations.

HOW is it done?

A community mural emerges from a collaborative journey that begins with consultations and engagement sessions, ensuring the mural reflects the ideas, stories, and visions of the community. Once a shared vision is established, artists create preliminary designs, refining them based on feedback. The chosen site is then prepped, with walls cleaned and primed, ready to become a canvas. In the heart of the process, professional artists facilitate painting sessions to community members, transforming ideas into vibrant visuals. The project culminates in a celebration, as the community comes together to unveil their collective masterpiece. 

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